Kurt Angle Likens AEW To The Wild West

Kurt Angle criticises AEW

Since the promotion's founding in 2019, All Elite Wrestling have given talent freedom when it comes to promos, avoiding the overly-scripted speeches that had become ever-present on WWE TV during the Vince McMahon regime. 

Speaking on the Wrassingh Show, Kurt Angle revealed this isn't something he is a fan of and he likened AEW to the Wild West. 

"I just think the company might be a little too loose...it's more like the Wild West...not as organised as it should be. The wrestlers are making up their own promos, saying their own thing, doing their own thing, and I think there needs to be organisation within the company where you have the writers telling the wrestlers what to say and enhancing their characters," Angle said. 

The WWE Hall of Famer also criticised AEW matches, adding: "I don't know...putting the wrestlers in charge of their own promos and pre-tapes...and even their matches, I don't know if they have agents for the matches, producers for their matches. So, I think they need to be overlooked, the talent. That's what makes WWE so good, why they're so organised, and why the show is always so tight."

While he has not worked for the promotion, AEW did try and convince Kurt Angle to come out of retirement but he ultimately turned down the offer. 

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