Kurt Angle Only Drinking Skimmed Milk Following Knee Surgeries

Kurt Angle loves him some milk

Wrestling fans, the news you’ve been waiting for has finally come - Kurt Angle is changing up his milk consumption.

The Olympic Gold medalist turned his love of milk into part of his gimmick during his WWE tenure, famously spraying gallons of the stuff on an episode of Raw in 2001 during the infamous Milk-o-Mania segment.

During a recent appearance on the A2theK Wrestling Show, Angle revealed that he’s had to change his milk of choice following knee surgery:

"Well, with my new knee replacements, I have to keep my weight down. So it's now skim. It was whole milk, went to 2%, and now, it's skim. I love milk. I drink it every day, and it's my favourite drink," said Angle.

Imagine a world where Kurt Angle couldn’t drink milk, it’d be like Steve Austin not cracking open a couple of cans with the lads, or The Rock not enjoying some pie, and that is frankly a world we don’t want to consider.

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