Mickie James Wants Trish Stratus To Induct Her Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Mickie James wants Trish Stratus on the podium at an eventual WWE Hall of Fame induction

Mickie James is currently on her ‘last rodeo’ in IMPACT Wrestling, with the multi-time Women’s World Champion set to retire when she next tastes defeat.

James’ career has more than warranted an eventual induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, and when that day comes, James has revealed that there is only one person she wants to induct her, saying the following on the Refin’ It Up podcast:

“I think for WWE, it has to be Trish Stratus,” said James. “I think if there was no Trish Stratus, if it wasn't that opportunity for my first run of how I was introduced to the WWE audience with Trish and the magic, like people wouldn't have cared 20 years later. It really set the stage. I just think back to all the times I was supposed to debut before that and it didn't happen, and what a blessing in disguise it was and I didn't see it then, but I think that it would be her for WWE.”

James’ has also had an equally Hall of Fame-worthy run in IMPACT, and revealed who she’d want to induct her into the IMPACT Hall of Fame:

“For IMPACT, it would have to be probably Lisa Marie, I think, because I had the cage match with her and Madison. That whole story was like, they were my big feud when I first walked in there and I feuded with them for months when I first came to Impact as I was creating and cultivating Hardcore Country. Lisa is my sister. We were friends at WWE, but we really became sisters there at Impact, and even now doing our show together, like I love her so much. I think she's been so influential in my career, but just also behind the scenes. I'm grateful for her,” said James.


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