Kurt Angle Reportedly Suggested AJ Styles As Opponent For The Undertaker

Our Olympic hero is apparently a matchmaker...

The prime highlight coming out of WrestleMania 36's first night was the slightly-absurd, mostly-brutal Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles, an attempt to raise the bar for cinematic-style wrestling matches. Many fans and critics enjoyed the unique battle, and would certainly concur that it's one of The Undertaker's better showings in quite some time.

Apparently, those viewers may have Kurt Angle to thank for it.

According to ESPN's Marc Raimondi, it was Angle who recommended a match with Styles for Undertaker, after the 55-year-old pro wrestling legend was down on himself for recent performances.

"Kurt Angle told me Undertaker was talking to him recently, disappointed in his Goldberg match and wanting to redeem himself," tweeted Raimondi. "Angle: "The first thing I said to him was, 'What about [wrestling] AJ [Styles]?’ … It'll be the best match you've had in years.’"

The win over Styles, such as it was, notched Undertaker's 25th overall victory at WrestleMania, more than double the second-place wrestlers in terms of WrestleMania win totals (Triple H and John Cena with ten apiece).

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