Kurt Angle Reveals Bobby Lashley TNA Match Convinced Him To Continue Wrestling

Kurt Angle looks back fondly on an IMPACT match with Bobby Lashley.

On a recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle himself spoke about a match with Bobby Lashley in TNA (now IMPACT Wrestling) - and how he looks back on it as a career highlight.

"That title win was one of my top five moments and I'll tell you why [...] I was in my late forties and I didn't know if I was still in my prime. This match was a great test for me. Bobby Lashley was in his prime, I'm near the end of my career, I'm wrestling for the World title, and I beat him. We had a great match. It gave me the confidence to continue to move on, because at this point in time I was actually considering retirement. But after beating Bobby and having that great match with him, I knew I wasn't done wrestling. So that match had a huge impact on my career and it's one of my top five moments."

The match in question took place in London, England, and aired on the March 20, 2015 edition of IMPACT. 

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