Kurt Angle Reveals His Three Favourite WWE Matches

"It was the first time I said 'this match is close to being perfect'.

Kurt Angle has named his WWE Championship match with Chris Benoit, the World Heavyweight Championship match with The Undertaker, and his WrestleMania 21 classic with Shawn Michaels as his three favourite matches as a wrestler. 

However it was the meeting with the Heartbreak Kid that Angle named as his best. 

Angle and Michaels put on an instant match-of-the-year candidate when the duo met for the first time in single action at WrestleMania in 2005, with the Olympic Gold Medallist beating the former DX-member by submission. 

Reflecting on the 'Mania contest, the 52-year-old revealed it was the first time he truly felt like he had 'nailed' a wrestling match and that it would be in the conversation for one of his greatest matches of all time. 

"With Shawn, I think I nailed the match," he said on the Kurt Angle Show. "It was the first time I said 'this match is close to being perfect'. All the stars aligned and everything went our way, it was an incredible match and I was very proud of it. I knew I nailed it and knew it would be considered one of my greatest matches of all time and possibly the greatest match of all time."

Angle's match with Michaels sits at the top of his own personal top three, with the Royal Rumble 2003 match with Benoit and the No Way Out 2006 match with The Undertaker completing the list. 

While the WWE Hall Of Famer appreciates how good those two matches were, he says going into them with injuries meant he did not have the same feeling as he did after his WrestleMania 21 classic. 

Angle added: "I didn’t feel that way at the Olympics because I was not healthy, my neck was broken. My match with Chris Benoit [at Royal Rumble 2003], I just had knee surgery, I thought I was rusty in the ring. My match with Undertaker at No Way Out 2006, those two matches, that and Shawn’s match are my three favourites. I didn’t feel that way in either match because I had a broken neck when I wrestled Undertaker and I just didn’t think I was 100%."

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