Kurt Angle Reveals Why He Lost Farewell Match To Baron Corbin At WWE WrestleMania 35

Angle was attacked by a debuting Lars Sullivan on Raw last week...

Kurt Angle lost his farewell match to Baron Corbin at WWE WrestleMania 35 last Sunday.

Even though many fans wanted to see Angle face-off against John Cena in his final bout in WWE - both men have a boatload of ruthless and aggressive history behind them, of course - WWE stuck with the former United States Champion and Money In The Bank holder for the match.

Angle recently hosted a Q & A on his Facebook page and explained why he lost a match many people thought he would win before taking on Cena: “I would have liked to go out with a win, but I understand why it didn’t occur.

"Many people believe that I should have had a different opponent. Maybe. Maybe not. But my argument as to why it should have been Corbin is pretty strong. As a HOFer and Legend in WWE, I came to my final match last Sunday. It was my retirement match. As a legend or HOFer or- whatever you want to call me, my job is to leave the WWE by doing the honours for a younger talent. I did that.”
Angle then explained that his retirement from in-ring competition came about earlier than he would have liked due to inactivity in the ring: “Yes, I wish I would have wrestled more when I came back in early 2017.

"I was wrestling really well then. Because of my inactivity of being GM, my body started to get arthritic. I got tighter, more sore, and less flexible than when I was active 2 years ago. In other words, the inactivity of not wrestling consistently led me to retirement a little faster. But, I can’t complain. I loved doing what I did in WWE.”

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