Kurt Angle: Why WWE Tried To Avoid Showing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Bottom Half On TV In 2001

Austin was struggling with injuries by 2001

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin suffered several injuries during his in-ring career and The Texas Rattlesnake's time in the squared circle would ultimately be cut short in 2003.

Kurt Angle noted on The Kurt Angle Show that Austin was particularly struggling with injuries in 2001 and The Wrestling Machine revealed WWE EVP, Television Production Kevin Dunn was told to avoid showing Stone Cold's bottom half during his signature pose on the second rope because his legs would twitch. 

Speaking about Austin's injuries, the Olympic gold medallist stated: "I knew he was struggling with his knees. With his neck, he never really sold it. Even after the surgery, when he came back, he was 100% and going hard. What happened with him and the reason why he retired is because his back started to go too. He was really playing with fire because when he got up on the second rope to pose, his legs would twitch really hard. It was noticeable on camera, so Vince McMahon was telling Kevin Dunn, the producer, not to show shots of Austin's lower body, just his upper body, because his back was starting to go too. 

"He was going to have to have surgery again. He went to the doctor, and that's what the doctor said. The doctor actually said, 'I can fix you.' I think Austin got a little worried that this injury was going to get worse and worse, and even if he had surgery, it was going to be bad. He actually walked out of the doctor's office and didn't even answer him. He just left because he didn't believe he needed surgery. I think he just thought he was done."

Angle and Austin feuded over the WWF Championship during the summer and autumn of 2001, during which Angle had a short title reign following the September 11 attacks. 

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