Kyle O'Reilly 'In Awe' At How Triple H & Shawn Michaels' Minds For WWE NXT Work

O'Reilly is full of praise for the former DX duo

Kyle O'Reilly has issued high praise for Triple H and Shawn Michaels, describing himself as 'in awe' at how their minds work when it comes to putting WWE NXT together.

As Executive Producer for NXT, Triple H has built the brand from the ground up. Long-time best friend Michaels has been a part of the process for a number of years also, and the duo work closely together to keep the black-and-gold brand at its best.

O'Reilly is NXT's latest main-event babyface to break through the former NXT Tag Team Champion is loving working with the former DX duo.

In an interview with My Mom's Basement, O'Reilly said: "They are so instrumental in what we do and so hands on with everything that we do. They have a real stock in this thing obviously, but they really do genuinely care and have our best interests at heart.

"I can't tell you how many times, just even in the background, just kinda observing the production process and the thought that goes into certain ideas, whether that's a finish or an entrance for somebody...just their mindset it's so different and unique! They're true geniuses and you hear, 'Oh! Those guys have a mindset for the business', but these guys really really do.

"I'm in awe sometimes when I see how their mind works. Just to be surrounded by them and to go to them for advice, its just unreal."

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