LA Knight Reveals WWE Issues Drug Tests Every Month

LA Knight has clarified details of WWE's drug testing policy

The WWE locker room’s past history of drug and steroid abuse is well documented, with the company and former owner Vince McMahon indicted in 1993 ahead of the now infamous ‘Steroid Trials’ of 1994.

WWE has certainly cleaned up its act since the mid-90s, with the company heralding its wellness policy, which includes drug testing as well as general physical and health check-ups. As for when these drug tests occur, LA Knight revealed they are monthly, saying the following during an appearance on Australia’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show alongside Grayson Waller when asked if there’ s a ‘cheap way’ for WWE Superstars to bulk up:

“You can’t (use steroids),” began Knight, with Waller jokingly adding it would make his life easier if he could use prohibited substances.

Knight continued, “Yeah, because that would actually make recovery easy but, no, every month we get tested. Every single month.”

Whilst McMahon beat the ‘Steroid trials’ in 1994, WWE’s reputation took a battering, one that took years to rectify. Things were exacerbated by Hulk hogan’s infamous and disastrous appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show, with Hogan denying that he had ever been a habitual steroid user.

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