Lana On Miro's Absence From AEW TV: 'Tony Khan Has His Favourites’

Miro hasn’t wrestled on AEW TV since All Out in September

A major complaint from AEW fans is that ‘wrestler x’ isn’t seen often or ‘wrestler y’ should be used more, with AEW’s massive roster meaning there isn’t guaranteed TV time for everyone.

One such name brought up time and time again is that of Miro, with the former TNT Champion barely used by AEW since coming back from injury in June 2022. According to Miro’s wife CJ Perry there hasn’t necessarily been a falling out or anything, just that Tony Khan has his favourites:

"I have a lot of opinions about this. Tony Khan has a vision. At the end of the day, if it's 100% real, I think there's this illusion at AEW that the talent book the show. That was definitely the conversation, 'Oh you go there, you're going to basically become whatever you're made of' but at the end of the day, he's booking the show,” said Perry during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. "It's really no different than WWE, it's just a different director and a different person's point of view. It's like comparing NBC to HBO but at the end of the day, you still have the exec who is going to make that final call and that's what it is. Tony Khan has his favourites and he's going to push the favourites just like Vince [McMahon] would push his favourites, just like Hunter is going to push his people. It's show business, it's nothing personal, it just is what it is.

"I think my husband is incredible. I feel Vince really valued him in that way and saw that. They hit heads a lot of times towards the end on creative differences. Vince really wanted him as a villain and Miro wanted to explore this new world."

Miro debuted in AEW in September 2020, going on to have a critically lauded run as ‘The Redeemer’ with the TNT Championship in 2021.

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