Lance Archer Reveals Potential Original AEW Plans

Lance Archer could've had a different manager in AEW

Lance Archer’s introduction to AEW saw him debut alongside Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a partnership which was upheld throughout the whole of his AEW run. This alliance saw him challenge for both the TNT Championship and AEW World Championship early on, and given the similarities in their sadistic heel natures, it was a duo that made sense. This wasn’t the only idea pitched for Archer in AEW, though. 

When speaking on Perched On The Top Rope, Archer revealed that there were some plans for Vickie Guerrero to maybe be his manager, as she was being brought in around the same time. 

"I'm trying to remember specifically. They were bringing Vickie [Vickie Guerrero] in at the time. I think Vickie was one of the possibilities. Ultimately, it was decided Jake and I together, especially with his style and character and my style and character, it fit well together in comparison to...not that Vickie and I couldn't and wouldn't have worked, it would have just been such a difference between who she is and what I was. She fit very well with Nyla [Nyla Rose] and the same when they decided Jake and I would be paired together.”

Archer went on to praise Roberts and detailed how well they worked together and how much Roberts had even helped him behind the scenes. 

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