Lash LeRoux Comments On Potentially Returning To The Ring

WCW’s Lash LeRoux retired in 2006

During the latter days of WCW, Lash LeRoux started making waves in WCW’s Cruiserweight division, with the ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ eventually tasting success in the WCW World Tag Team division as part of the Misfits in Action.

But after WCW was bought by WWE, LeRoux spent some time in WWE developmental before negotiating his release, and retiring in 2006 aged 30. Now, during an interview with Wrestle Zone, LeRoux has admitted he feels the itch to wrestle again:

“Man, it grows every day. I can’t be dishonest about that. That itch is now getting up in the ‘eight,’ ‘nines,’ but that doesn’t mean I’m looking to pull the trigger at all, by no means,” Lash said.

Regarding the state of the wrestling scene now compared to when he left it in 2006, LeRoux feels the current scene is in a healthy place:

“We’re on an upswing I think,” LeRoux said. “You can just tell that the overall morale and passion for the business among the wrestlers themselves, not just the fans, I think has ticked back up again. It’s not quite what it was in the late 90’s, but I feel that same buzz, you know and you can’t help but watch other products on TV and you can’t help but to see that there are other options.”

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