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Who's Next?

Since Bill Goldberg defeated Dolph Ziggler in 110 seconds at SummerSlam, many in the wrestling world assumed the former WWE Universal Champion was finished with the company having put the match against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown in the rearview mirror. 

However, Goldberg himself told Sports Illustrated that his match against Ziggler was probably not his last: “It's by no means my farewell performance, not was it my best performance, but you have to be realistic and take all things into consideration. It's a very good possibility I'll be back, but you don't know it until it's done.”

The former NFL Defensive Tackle elaborated further, explaining that it will depend on his ability to stay in shape as he has his own expectations of what the Goldberg character should look like: That gets lost in the shuffle, but it’s actually the biggest factor. I don’t know of a power wrestler that’s been able to come back after a 12 year hiatus and still be that guy. I had a really tough time keeping weight on when I was that guy, so now it’s exponentially harder. So I just need to reinvent myself. Instead of being 280 pounds with veins on my traps, I can be 260 with veins on my traps.

"I just moved to Texas, and the first pod that I loaded up was my neck machine, my upright rowing machine, and dumbbells from 60 to 120. Staying in shape and being that role model for my son is my priority. That’s a struggle, and it’s not just physical. It’s also mental. The physique, that was part of the package. If you take away parts of the package, then it isn’t as favourable as it was in the past. But I’m the man of reinvention, and anybody that says I can’t do something can kiss my ass.”

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