Latest On Liv Morgan's Recovery From Injury

Raquel Rodriguez has provided an update on Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan has been out of action on WWE TV since all the way back in July when she and Raquel Rodriguez dropped the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on an episode of Monday Night Raw. She suffered from a shoulder injury which has kept her away from the ring ever since. 

Rodriguez has provided an update on her tag team partner’s condition when speaking to Dallas Morning News, shedding some positivity on Morgan’s rehabilitation.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Liv. She’s doing great. She’s really recovering well. She’s in very good spirits, and of course, she’s very, very anxious to come back. I don’t have a specific date of when she’ll be back. We’re all waiting for her. I know, I miss her terribly. So I’m very excited for that. But I feel like time has been flying, and she’s just been on it, on her recovery. So I would assume she’d be back sooner rather than later. And probably before any of us can really imagine.”

As Rodriguez noted, there is no date on a return for Morgan, but things seem to be going well for the former SmackDown Women’s Champion in her recovery.

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Written by Andrew Kelly