Darby Allin Performs Insane Stunt, Lands On Already Injured Shoulder

Darby Allin continues to be a nutter after another crazy stunt

Darby Allin has a tendency to put his body at needless risk whenever he gets the chance. Allin’s long list of death-defying stunts is extensive enough when it comes to his time inside the ring in AEW, but it continues on outside of the ring after showing up at Nitro (no not *that* Nitro you silly goose). 

Allin appeared at Nitro Circus in Texas this week and proceeded to form a ridiculous stunt on a small tricycle, in which he attempted to do a full flip and rotation after riding up a massive ramp. Prior to performing the stunt, he spoke on the mic and said that he thinks his arm is fractured (with it still being taped up after a nasty bump and landing during his AEW WrestleDream match against Christian Cage). This did not stop him doing this stunt and landing directly on his injured arm in a scary looking crash. 

Of course, Allin popped right back to his feet and shook it off like he often does. Allin also noted that his arm isn’t getting proper time to heal due to his training to climb Mount Everest.

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Written by Andrew Kelly