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Could it happen?

For several weeks now, WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite have not gone head to head, due to NHL and NBA playoffs taking priority on USA Network and TNT, respectively. NXT has aired on a pair of Tuesday nights, while Dynamite was moved to Saturday one week and Thursday the next.

The movements have resulted, understandably, in larger audiences for whichever show runs unopposed in its normal time slot. NXT did its best viewership in ages unopposed, while this past week's Dynamite cleared a million viewers for the first time in nearly 11 months.

There has been speculation that NXT might move permanently to Tuesdays. The pro would be a larger audience running unopposed, while the con is that by moving, it would look like a concession on WWE's part (since they elected to bring NXT to cable in the same time slot as Dynamite).

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has provided an update on where things stand regarding a possible move.

He writes, "As of a couple of months ago, USA Network had thrown out the idea of NXT moving to Tuesday nights. The network has a lot of faith and a good relationship in WWE, but those we've spoken to have said they aren't as committed to the "competition" aspect of NXT on Wednesday night considering it costs them viewers. WWE was said to have been receptive to the idea of moving nights.

"We haven't been told anything firm as of now, and wrestlers and officials have not been informed of a change as of yet. Fightful has been told by those close to USA Network that these two weeks were a bit of a test run on Tuesdays out of circumstance since the show had to switch nights for the playoffs anyway."

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