Live Results For WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2

Will Drew McIntyre fulfil his destiny...

Welcome to Cultaholic Wrestling's live results for night two of WWE WrestleMania 36 and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from the Firefly Funhouse and the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. 

With night one already in the books, there are nine matches remaining on the card with the show expected to be main evented by Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. The Kickoff Show will begin at 11 pm BST with The Showcase Of The Immortals set to start at 12 am BST. 

A new Cultaholic Wrestling Champion could also be crowned as Ross Tweddell, Adam Pacitti, Tom Campbell, Sam Driver, and Jack King gave their predictions as to what they expect to happen at The Show Of Shows earlier. Check out the video below: 

Kickoff Show: Liv Morgan def. Natalya 

Both Superstars engaged in mat wrestling to start the match, exchanging holds and near falls. Natalya soon gained the upper hand after delivering a low Dropkick and a Discus Clothesline to Morgan. 

Liv eventually got herself back into the match as she connected with Knees to the face and both wrestlers got in their fair share of offence. 

Natalya and Morgan then exchanged near falls before the former Riott Squad member managed to pin the former SmackDown Women's Champion's shoulders to the mat for the win. 

Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley To Win The NXT Women's Championship 

The commentators seemingly still haven't realised there are social distancing measures in place as Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are sat right next to each other yet again. 

Rhea Ripley decided to go for a brighter look as her ring gear for the match was white and blue as opposed to the usual black attire. 

The match started very slowly as both Superstars decided to feel each other out. 

After taking some chops from The Queen, Ripley countered into Riptide but Flair managed to kick out at two. Flair regained her composure and the action spilled to the outside as Ripley hit a Senton from the steel steps. 

The match re-entered the squared circle and the champion took complete control as she wore Charlotte down with submissions, Dropkicks, and some vicious fists. 

Eventually, Charlotte was able to get herself back into the match and she repeatedly worked over Ripley's left knee, hobbling the champion. 

Ripley tried to fight back, but the injured knee clearly hampered any offence she could muster. Every time she hit a move on Flair, she was forced to pause, giving Charlotte enough time to kick out of any pinfalls. 

Ripley then locked in the Standing Cloverleaf with one good leg but Charlotte escaped. The two Superstars then exchanged pinfalls and the Australian almost had the match won after connecting with a Superkick, but Flair managed to muster all her strength to kick out at two.

Later, it was Ripley's turn to muster all her strength after Charlotte connected with a Spear but the champion also kicked out at two. 

After numerous attempts, Charlotte managed to lock in the Figure Eight and with Ripley's injured knee, the NXT Women's Champion was forced to tap out. 

Aleister Black def. Bobby Lashley 

Bobby Lashley also debuted new ring gear as he wore tights to the ring. 

Black and Lashley grappled with one another in the opening moments of the contest, with neither Superstar able to get the upper hand. Eventually, the action spilled to the outside and The All Mighty started to dominate, connecting with a Belly To Belly Suplex and some brutal fists. 

After the action returned to the ring, the former Intercontinental Champion continued to dominate with more Suplexes. Before Lashley could hit a Spear, Black delivered a flurry of offence, ending with a Moonsault from the middle rope. 

Later, Lashley went for the Dominator, but before he hit the move, Lana screamed for him to try again for the Spear. This proved to be her husband's downfall as Black unleashed Black Mass on his opponent for the 1-2-3.

Otis def. Dolph Ziggler 

Before the match, we had a commentary change as Michael Cole and JBL took over for the next match. 

The despicable Sonya Deville accompanied the deplorable Dolph Ziggler to the ring.

Otis wasted no time taking out his frustration on Ziggler as he delivered a Stinger Splash in the corner. Dolph used the scorned lover's anger to his advantage, however, as he connected with a Superkick and quickly gained the upper hand in the contest. 

Otis managed to get back into the match as he hulked up and delivered a vicious Slam to Ziggler and stood on Dolph's back as he tried to scurry away. He then repeatedly whipped the former Intercontinental Champion into the corner, causing an enormous amount of damage to Ziggler's back. 

Otis then hit a Slam on Ziggler and went for the Caterpillar but Deville distracted the referee, which gave Dolph the opening to connect with a Low Blow.

After witnessing such blatant cheating, Mandy Rose charged to the ring, slapped Sonya, and delivered a hellacious Low Blow to Ziggler. Otis then connected with the Caterpillar for the win and the two beautiful lovers celebrated together in the centre of the ring.  

Edge def. Randy Orton In A Last Man Standing Match 

Randy Orton's music played but the man himself did not appear on the ramp. Suddenly, The Viper struck as he hit Edge with a vicious RKO out of nowhere. It turns out Orton was disguised as a cameraman at ringside. 

With Edge already hobbled, Orton hit another RKO but The Rated-R Superstar managed to get to his feet at the count of eight. 

The former Legend Killer followed up by hitting Edge with a camera, but the 11-time world champion again managed to get back to his feet. 

Orton then beat Edge into the gym at the WWE Performance Center, using the various pieces of equipment to incapacitate his opponent. 

The returning star eventually mustered some offence after Orton went to collect a weapon and the two Superstars brawled throughout the Performance Center. 

They eventually entered a storage warehouse and Edge's demeanour suddenly changed after they continued to fight each other. The Rated-R Superstar then draped Orton across a table and climbed to a platform. Edge almost ended his career as he delivered an Elbow Drop from 10 ft.  

After this, the pair brawled around the warehouse some more, fighting on a pick up truck and on top of a trailer. With Edge on the floor, Orton hyped himself up and went to Punt his opponent in the head, but the 11-time world champion countered with a Spear. Orton got to his feet at nine and as Edge went for another Spear, Randy caught him with an RKO. Edge managed to stand up at nine before collapsing again. Luckily, it was not like Rocky 2 and he earned himself another 10 seconds to get back up. 

Orton then tried to deliver a Con-Chair-To to Edge, but the returning star managed to counter with a submission. As Orton lay unconscious, Edge tearfully picked up a steel chair and landed an almighty Con-Chair-To to Orton's skull. 

The referee then counted to 10 to end the match and declared Edge the Last Man Standing. 

The Street Profits def. Angel Garza & Austin Theory To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championships

Before the next match, Rob Gronkowski won the 24/7 Championship from Mojo Rawley. 

Montez Ford irritated the one fan in attendance by constantly screaming that it's WrestleMania to the extent that it wanted to turn itself off. 

Both tag teams took turns dominating the action as they each picked up near falls. The action later spilled to the outside as Montez hit Dawkins and Theory with a Senton. Garza then connected with a Moonsault on Ford and Dawkins and the former Cruiserweight Champion took the opportunity to also scream that it's WrestleMania!

Later, Austin Theory almost picked up the win for his team as he hit the TKO to Dawkins, but before the referee could count to three, Montez Ford landed a Frog Splash to the NXT star's back. This gave Dawkins the opportunity to roll over and cover Theory to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships. 

After the match, the action descended into a brawl and out of nowhere, Bianca Belair appeared and defended her husband as she fought off Zelina Vega. 

Bayley def. Tamina, Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Lacey Evans To Retain The SmackDown Women's Championship

Michael Cole and JBL were well and truly on the Tamina Train as they tipped her to leave WrestleMania 36 as SmackDown Women's Champion. 

In the early going, Bayley and Sasha Banks refused to fight each other and teamed together against the other Superstars. 

The Tamina Train was quickly derailed as she was the first Superstar to be eliminated. 

Naomi was the next to be eliminated after she tapped out to the Bank Statement. 

Bayley and Banks then continued to team together against Lacey Evans. They had a mix up in communication, however, as with Evans in the corner, Bayley charged at The Sassy Southern Belle but missed her and accidentally delivered a vicious Knee to Banks. 

This enraged The Legit Boss as she grabbed the champion which gave Evans the opening to deliver The Woman's Right to Banks. With that, Bayley's best friend was eliminated from the match.

The contest came down to Bayley and Lacey Evans and the champion showed her dominance as she beat down Evans for close to five minutes. 

Evans somehow managed to get back into the bout and she landed a Moonsault, but Bayley kicked out at two. 

Banks then came back to the ring to help Bayley as she hit Lacey with the Back Stabber. The champion then connected with her finisher and covered her opponent to retain the SmackDown Women's Title. 

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. John Cena In A Firefly Funhouse Match 

Bray Wyatt welcomed us all to the Firefly Funhouse and John Cena teleported from the WrestleMania stage to The Fiend's home. He then went through a door which read "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here." 

After going through the door, Cena was lambasted by the Vince McMahon puppet and the camera cut to the ring where Wyatt recreated Kurt Angle's challenge which led to Cena's debut. Cena even came out in his original ring gear and repeatedly screamed "Ruthless Aggression!" at Wyatt but he was unable to connect with his opponent. Wyatt even threw in a Nikki Bella reference. 

We were then taken to Saturday Night Main Event as Wyatt did the Muscle Man Dance and introduced his tag team partner Johnny Large. 

The Doctor Of Thuganomics then came to the ring and entered a rap battle with Bray. Wyatt teleported and stole Cena's chain and delivered a hellacious punch to the 16-time world champion.

The Wyatt Family version of Bray Wyatt then returned to lambast Cena as a montage of their WrestleMania 30 match was broadcast. He picked up the good doctor and they recreated their WrestleMania moment when Wyatt goaded Cena to hit him with a Steel Chair. This time, Cena gave in but Bray teleported away.

We were then introduced to an nWo montage as Bray pretended to be Eric Bischoff and brought nWo John Cena to the ring as Vince McMahon's puppet exclaimed "This is such good s**t." 

Cena eventually channelled all the horrible moments in his wrestling career and attacked Wyatt, only for The Eater Of Worlds to change into Huskus The Pig Boy. 

Then, finally, The Fiend appeared behind Cena and locked in The Mandible Claw and hit Sister Abigail. The Fiend then choked out Big Match John with The Mandible Claw and Bray counted the pin.

With that, The Fiend got his revenge from six years ago as he defeated John Cena. 

Drew McIntyre def. Brock Lesnar To Win The WWE Championship 

In the first minute, McIntyre hit Lesnar with the Claymore Kick but The Beast kicked out at two. The challenger went for a second Claymore but Lesnar countered into a German Suplex. He then hit two more German Suplexes and an F-5 but McIntyre powered out at a one count. 

Lesnar was stunned by this but he picked up his opponent for another F-5. This time, McIntyre kicked out at two. 

A third F-5 was still not enough to put away the challenger as he kicked out at two and a half. Lesnar screamed with rage and went red in the face. 

McIntyre tried to get back to his feet and Lesnar helped him, only for the Scotsman to counter and connect with another two Claymore Kicks. 

McIntyre then screamed at Brock to look at him, and after hitting a fourth Claymore, Drew McIntyre covered Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship as Paul Heyman looked on in stunned silence. 

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