Braun Strowman Found Out He Was Working WWE WrestleMania 36 After Driving For 20 Hours

"The Monster Among Men" had quite an odyssey...

New WWE Universal champion Braun Strowman spoke on WWE's The Bump about the experience getting back to Orlando, to replace Roman Reigns against defending champion Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.

Strowman admits that the entire scenario had come out of the blue, and he was resigned to not being a part of WrestleMania at all. In fact, as lockdowns were mounting in Florida, he was making a long trip from Orlando, all the way to Wisconsin.

"I came up here to see my family to get away," Strowman said. "I drove 21 hours and was an hour away from home. And I've got a phone call. 'There's been some last-minute changes. We need you, it's an emergency. We're sending a jet to get you and you'll leave at 9 p.m.' 

"So I literally got into Wisconsin for three hours, went back, jumped on a jet, flew back to Orlando, landed at 1:30 in the morning. I got up, hit the ground running and lo and behold, came out of the back end as the Universal Champion.” 

Strowman thanked Goldberg for working the match with him, adding, "It's just Goldberg is iconic and I can't thank him enough for even giving me the opportunity, or wanting to work me."

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