Report: AEW Finished Taping For The Foreseeable Future; Multiple Weeks Of Programming Recorded

While Stay-At-Home Orders Are In Place...

All Elite Wrestling taped as much content as possible over the preceding days, understanding that with multiple states putting their own stay-at-home orders in place, they may not be able to stage their programs for an indefinite amount of time.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio the extent that AEW went this past week to get as much content in the can as possible while they still had the time.

"AEW taped all week, and they stopped Thursday night. They had to stop it by midnight," Meltzer said, confirming that AEW had to be finished by Friday morning due to the state of Georgia imposing their own stay-at-home directive.

"They taped it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, taping tons of stuff. I'm presuming they taped the TNT title tournament, at least up to the finals. I don't know that they taped the finals. Maybe they did; for backup, they should have, but it's not supposed to be until May 23. There's not going to be any AEW tapings for a while. They are shut down for a while."

In regards to Double or Nothing, scheduled for MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas next month, Meltzer said, "What's going to happen May 23, nobody knows. Are they going to be able to do an empty arena? Can they get people to travel? Who the hell knows."

Meltzer confirmed that the crew on hand for the days worth of tapings are the same people who were on hand Wednesday, with the only exception being Chris Jericho, who made it to Norcross, GA for the Thursday set. Additionally, talents from hotspots like New York City and California are not being used for the time being.

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