Mace Believes Retribution Would Have Benefitted From a Live WWE Crowd

Retribution failed in front of zero fans, but Mace thinks outside of the pandemic the group may have succeeded

The Retribution act was a failed experiment from the pandemic era of WWE. Led by Mustafa Ali, the group featuring the likes of Dominik Dijak, Mace, Mia Yim, and Slapjack was poorly received and didn’t get much backing from WWE in their booking. 

The group was introduced as a faction who wreaked havoc over WWE, destroying production and laying out wrestlers, but after a while they dropped off and lost most of their matches. 

Former member Mace spoke in a Reddit Q&A on r/SquaredCircle about Retribution’s failure, and noted that if they had been in front of a live audience, it would’ve worked better. 

“I really think retribution would have benefited from a crowd. Even if it ended up silly. Me and TBar pitched being like Bulk and Skull bullies after that fell apart."

Retribution would spend the entirety of their time as a full unit in front of zero fans and in WWE’s “ThunderDome”, never getting a chance in front of a live crowd.

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Written by Andrew Kelly