Vince McMahon Yelled At WWE Announce Team For Saying 'Happy Holidays' Instead of 'Merry Christmas’

Vince McMahon had strong words for WWE announce team for ‘happy holidays’ greeting

Vince McMahon’s ‘whims’ whilst in charge of WWE was a long, in-exhaustive, and often strange list, with all manner of seemingly minor infraction enough to get Vince raging.

WWE commentator Corey Graves has been on the receiving end of one of McMahon’s outbursts, with Graves revealing on the Kurt Angle Show that McMahon once lost it over the announce team saying ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘merry Christmas’:

"The first time I ever got 'Vince'd,' it was Chicago, Christmas night, we did Monday Night Raw live [December 2017]. This was probably four or five years ago. The Raw commentary desk was on top of the stage by the entrance way, and we would stand up and turn around and do these reverse on-cameras so that the ring and the crowd was in the back. It was a cool set up. Michael Cole and I were discussing beforehand. He said, 'I'm going to do Welcome To Monday Night Raw. Happy Holidays, everybody. You can say Merry Christmas, here's what we have on tap.' Okay, great, we'll throw into some graphics. Cole goes, 'Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. Happy Holidays, everybody!' With the speed of lightning, the boss was on the all-call button, which means everybody listening can hear. 'I SAID MERRY CHRISTMAS! NOT HAPPY HOLIDAYS!' Meanwhile, I'm going, 'I was gonna say....' I'm getting yelled at on camera. I'm like a deer in headlights. I'm going, this is it, I'm getting fired on Christmas night. Of course, we get done, he comes on and goes, 'Aha, that was good. Thanks guys.' I was terrified. My heart skips a few beats," Graves recalled.

McMahon was also not a fan of the terms ‘hospital’, ‘title belt’, and ‘wrestling’ amongst others.

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