Matt Cardona Wants 'Dream Match' With WWE Hall Of Famer

Matt Cardona has his eyes on a dream match

Matt Cardona has done a whole lot since leaving WWE all the way back in 2020, facing a wide variety of opponents and winning prizes outside the company such as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, the IMPACT Digital Media belt, and the GCW World Title. There is more he still wants to do though, and he has opened up about a dream match he’d like to have. 

When responding to a tweet on X regarding the potential match, Cardona doubled down on the idea of facing WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam in a bout, revealing that it is a dream match of his. He did go on to state that he doesn’t think anyone could afford it, but RVD is a dream opponent regardless. 

Although there was some crossover in their respective stints in WWE, as Cardona signed with the company in the 2000s whilst RVD was there, and once again upon RVD’s return to the promotion in the 2010s, they never wrestled a singles or tag team match. The only times they shared the ring was when they were on the same side of an 11-on-3 handicap match versus The Shield, and once more in a Live Event battle royal.

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Written by Andrew Kelly