Malakai Black Details Conversations With Vince McMahon Over New WWE Music

Black debuted in AEW this week

The former Aleister Black has revealed Vince McMahon didn't know 'what the f**k' his new entrance music was about in WWE.

Aleister Black, now known in AEW under the moniker Malakai Black, made his WWE return on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown in April following an extended period of time off from the company. For his comeback, Black was given a new entrance theme that was created by Brutality Will Prevail.

The 36-year-old has now recalled sharing the music with McMahon, who admitted to potentially being out of touch.

Speaking to Johnny Christ on his Drinks With Johnny show, Black said: "So, we record the song. I remember sitting with Vince [McMahon] in the office and I said, ‘Look, I’ve got this new song. It’s heavy as sh*t.’ He’s like, ‘Oh! Let me hear it.’

"So I play the song for him and he’s like, ‘Does the volume change? Does the speed [change]?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s coming. It’s going faster.’ So he listens to it and he’s like, ‘Wow.’ He’s like, ‘I mean, I don’t know what the f*** that was. I don’t think that’s music but hey, I’m 76-years-old, what the f*** do I know, right?’"

"So he basically gave me the OK but for some reason, we couldn’t mesh it out with...we have all the rights to the song but, I think that WWE’s worries are and I understand this part because it has happened in the past where they’ve used outside sources and then all of a sudden, even when everything contractual [is] done, someone goes, ‘Yeah, but I want royalties’ or, ‘I want this’ or, ‘I wanna have credit’ and then, it causes lawsuits, it causes issues so WWE does everything in-house which I understand."

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