Malakai Black Details Working With Tony Khan In AEW

AEW is known for giving its performers a degree of creative freedom

Malakai Black is regarded as one of the most creative professional wrestlers currently plying their trade, with Black’s work with the ‘House of Black’ in AEW intriguing fans.

Black is long believed to have been denied true creative freedom in WWE, whereas AEW is known for allowing its performers to flesh out their ideas. Now, in conversation with Barstool Sports Rasslin', Black has detailed how Tony Khan lets Black run with his ideas:

“Tony is a ‘do whatever, you want, but run it by me and maybe I’ve got some ideas [guy]’, and he does have good ideas.” said Malakai Black, “Tony and me have sat down on numerous occasions and kind of like, you know, thought about some ideas or like, I’ll tell him something and then he’s like, ‘hey, maybe we should do this.’

“Because it’s always good to get perspective on the outside from someone else. Because sometimes you have an idea that in your head is very streamlined and then someone else kind of brings an element [hearing which] you go ‘Oh, that works way better.’ That’s the kind of relationship that I have with Tony.”

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