Malakai Black Fires Back At Claim He Refuses To Take Pins In AEW

AEW star Malakai Black has refuted a claim that he refuses to decisively lose matches.

A recent social media post by @wrestlingsdeity on X pointed out that AEW star Malakai Black competed in no singles matches in 2023. A different user, @natepbd, replied, 'That's what happens when you refuse to take a pin or put anyone over.'

Black was quick to reply and refute the claim that he is reluctant to lose, posting

"Usually I don’t reply because these laughable takes from goofballs like this nerd is why this place is the equivalent of people opening their front doors and screaming their excrement laced opinions into the street, however: bulls***, never happened, isn’t a thing. Happy ny."

Despite not competing in singles action for the entirety of last year, Black was still a regular feature of AEW programming - usually in six-man matches alongside House of Black stablemates Brody King and Buddy Matthews. The group held the AEW World Trios Championships from March's Revolution pay-per-view up until All In on August 27, losing to Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed at the Wembley Stadium show. 

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