Maria Kanellis Reveals The Father For WWE Pregnancy Storyline

Forgotten mystery solved?

In the summer of 2019, WWE ran a storyline involving Maria Kanellis and husband Mike, in which Maria's real life pregnancy was worked into the world of kayfabe. 

As part of the storyline, Maria constantly emasculated Mike, and claimed that somebody else was the father of the child. However, the angle was eventually dropped, and both Kanellises were released from WWE this past April, as part of the colossal wave of talent and staff releases amid the COVID pandemic.

On Sunday, Maria responded to a tweet from a fan, who asked what the reveal for the father was supposed to entail. She confirmed that it was going to be husband Mike all along.

Kanellis responded, "My husband. He was supposed to turn face. And do a story about recovery from addiction and motivation. But... that’s just too good. Too real. Too honest. And of course I was supposed to remain the bad guy. until I came back from maternity leave. Baby face momma!!"

Outside of the story, Mike and Maria Kanellis had their second child, a boy, this past February.

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