Mark Crozer Details WWE Discussions Over Bray Wyatt's Theme Music

'Live In Fear' was Wyatt's entrance music between 2012-2019

Musician Mark Crozer has detailed how WWE purchased the theme music for Bray Wyatt to use from him. 

Crozer produced the song 'Broken Out In Love' and uploaded it to a music licensing website in 2012, where Wyatt discovered it and began using it as his entrance music in FCW. 

The musicians says WWE got in touch as they prepared to push Wyatt onto the main roster and made him a take-it-or-leave-it offer for the right to publish the music themselves.

Speaking on the Rain Stops Play Podcast, Crozer said: "WWE contacted me to say, 'Bray Wyatt has been using your song and he really likes it and it's proven to be popular. We're about to give him a push and want to use it permanently.'

"There was no negotiation. They basically said, 'here's what we're going to do, here's what we're offering. Take it or otherwise, we'll find something else.' They wanted to keep the publish for themselves.

"I thought it was a bit of a cr*p deal but I could keep 100% of it and never make any money from it because it would disappear without trace or I could give it to them and potentially make money from it. In hindsight, it was the right decision. To be able to get some money, which was actually quite good, I wasn't going to turn it down. It was a few thousand dollars."

The song, which was retitled 'Live In Fear', was used by Wyatt and The Wyatt Family during his run as the character. However, it was given a change when he morphed into the new interaction of his character, The Fiend. 

While the original lyrics remained, the song production and sound had changed, with Code Orange performing it. 

Crozer still received a small percentage of the rights, as the original creator, but did not know much about the change until it happened. 

He added: "To the astonishment of my ears, it was my song, re-written by Code Orange. It's essentially the same song, they just added elements and recorded it in a different style. Now when you hear it, you're like, 'Yeah, that's WWE.' It's very heavy.

"I was a bit surprised at first because I got the impression they were doing something new and it turned out the band were fans of him and they liked the song, so they decided, without being asked, they recorded a cover of it. They got it through to Bray, he loved it, and they used it.

"With the way they work, they presented me with a scenario where I would be a co-writer of the song and I thought it was fair enough because the song was very different, but then I thought, 'Do I want to give away all this song that I wrote?' I just keep coming back to the same thing; it's better to get a small percentage of something than nothing. I agreed to give up the majority of the song to the band and keep a small percentage."

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