MSK Talk Training At WWE’s Performance Centre

“If you can't absorb this knowledge and level up, then you're not doing it."

NXT Tag Champions MSK arrived in WWE with a weight of expectation upon their shoulders. Former PWG World Tag Champions, and standouts in IMPACT’s X-Division, the duo had a raft of experience before pitching up in NXT. But MSK are not resting on their laurels, and have praised Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and the WWE Performance Centre for helping them evolve as wrestlers.

Speaking to Shawn Waltman on Pro Wrestling 4 Life, MSK said the following about their adaptation to life in WWE:

"Seeing Shawn and Triple H, those were the upper echelon guys and makes me want to bring an extra gear because I know that I have to perform. They are some of the greatest of all time so I have to step it up and try to be that way. It's a pushing thing and I have like a competition with myself," said Nash Carter.

Wes Lee added, "It's ignited a fire with us and getting more in the flow with how things work. When you're more comfortable, you're able to give a little more. That's what has happened. They made it easy for us to transition like it was home immediately. When you feel like you're at home, you go hard because you want to represent your home well. Now, we have a different understanding of what we do in the ring and how we do it. That's come from just the short time we've been here and we're extremely excited to see where our minds go as we continue. It's taking a dream team, taking their minds, and opening it up to you. It's up to you to implement those things and make them effective, but the information is there. Everyone is willing to help and wants the best for you.”

Nash finished up by saying, "If you don't grow here as a performer [it's on you]. If you can't absorb this knowledge and level up, then you're not doing it."

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