Mark Henry: CM Punk & MJF AEW Dynamite Promo Battle Was One Of The Most Special Wrestling Moments In History

One of the finest back-and-forths ever

Mark Henry has lavished high praise on CM Punk and MJF for their verbal back-and-forth on last week's AEW Dynamite, describing the segment as 'one of the most special wrestling moments in history'.

MJF and Punk took 20 minutes at the start of the November 24 AEW Dynamite to promo battle for the first time, and they didn't disappoint, trading barbs and insults that had the live audience and fans across the world hooked.

Henry believes wrestling on the whole won't see another moment like that again and says he could feel the electricity in the arena during the exchange.

Speaking on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Henry said: "There will never be another promo like that one. That was a special moment that we'll never see again. Our kids may see one, but that was one of the most special wrestling moments in history.

"I say that because, as a kid, I've seen some great promo artists; Roddy Piper, Ted DiBiase, The Rock. You can go into hundreds of guys that we thought were pretty good on the stick, but never has there been two guys at the same damn time have a battle of wits that touched on things that were so real that we likely will not have those type of moments again.

"The number one zinger that was said wasn't even in that promo that you all [SiriusXM] cut. The number one zinger of all time was CM Punk telling MJF, 'The only way that you'll ever be number one is if Tony Khan has a daughter and you marry her.'

"I'm sitting at the monitor, there's thirty wrestlers sitting around that area. Everybody's popping, 'Oh! Oh!' If you're popping wrestlers, you've done something in your life. You won. I had to get up and walk out to the crowd to feel it because that's why people go to wrestling. People go to wrestling because of how you feel, not just because you want to be entertained. There is true to life emotional investment. You want to feel it.

"That's one of the reasons why AEW is so popular right now is because the crowd feels like they have a role in what they're seeing and they do. They absolutely do. I got to go out there and it felt like electricity moving my clothes, one zinger to another. One zinger back and forth. The city of Chicago, everybody that was there, they'll get to tell people for the rest of their lives, 'I was at that show where CM Punk and MJF went toe-to-toe, a battle of wits for over twenty minutes.'

"Not one punch connected and it was arguably the best verbal jousting that I've ever seen. I've watched segments of Wild 'N Out, I've watched all of the rap battles, back and forth, 8 Mile didn't have nothing on that on Wednesday. You cannot tell me that you have ever seen two human beings go back and forth like we saw. It never happened."

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