Mark Henry Wants AEW To Bring Back CM Punk

Mark Henry wants to see CM Punk back in AEW

It’s been nearly six months since the infamous events of the All Out locker-room brawl, and still the idea of CM Punk returning to All Elite Wrestling is on the table.

Many thought Punk would be released from his AEW contract for his part in ‘brawl out’, but it seems the former AEW World Champion is still under contract, and with his recovery from a triceps injury seemingly on the horizon, perhaps we could be seeing Punk sooner rather than later. 

Mark Henry for one would like to see Punk back in AEW, saying the following on Busted Open Radio:

"If I was in charge, I would bring him back and I would bring him back with him saying to the wrestling world, not an apology, but just state the facts. 'Grown men will disagree and things will be said that probably shouldn't have been said and I regret airing my dirty laundry in front of the world. It won't happen again. Do we agree on everything? No. Can we work together and exist and have a business relationship? Yes. I will not let my personal feelings, my personal gripes, and concerns interfere with business again, because ultimately, the important thing is business and I am the business and business is good. AEW is better with me around,’” said Henry.

As for whether the AEW locker-room is better with CM Punk or not, Henry said the following:

"I think that AEW is pro AEW. CM Punk was an outsider just like I am,” continued Henry. “Like, I'm not an 'original AEW' [guy] and when the s*** hits the fan, you're gonna go with the people that you've locked arms with in the beginning. That's just the way it is. I'm talking about the core as well as everybody that was at AEW in its beginning. All of the people that worked their way, you look at The Dark Order and every facet of AEW in the office. They were a tight knit group. It's great to be brought in, but ultimately, we still are the second cousins. I feel like CM Punk would have to come in and kind of acquiesce to that. So you know what? I know who I am. I know what I am and I'm gonna play my lane. But I'm here to make the business better. I'm here to make AEW better and I think that I can do that. My personal thoughts and complaints, I'll keep to myself.”

Henry continued, explaining why he thinks Punk should be brought back:

"When they were going through the NXT-AEW wars, those were the people that were foundationally 'that' company. I can see them siding with the top guys in there. They look at it as those are 'our' guys. Everybody else that came in is great acquisitions to help the business go forward, but like you said, Jade Cargill, Will Hobbs, and FTR and certain people were like, 'Man, I don't give a s*** what Punk did. I think he's good for business. He helped me. He mentored me.’ It's good for business, but as you said, there are people that weren't raised in a regime in the way that we were raised. So they're going to have a cliquey ‘our guy’ mentality, rather than listen, 'What does Tony want? What's good for business? What's going to make dollars? What's going to put asses in seats?' That's the ultimate thing,” said Henry.


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