Mark Henry Wants To See Less Repetition In AEW

Looks like the (superkick) party’s over

At AEW Double Or Nothing, The World’s Strongest man Mark Henry was confirmed as All Elite, taking on a broadcast analyst position in the company, and in his own words working as a ‘co-ordinator’ of talent.

With over 25 years in the business, Henry knows his stuff, and has already seen some things in AEW that he wants to change, telling Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions:

"We have to work on the social media aspect of what's going out and what's being portrayed that you want to be an example of what people see. AEW is more brash and has more of an adult feel, but you have to counter-balance that. You have to do stuff in the community and with live events where you give back to the city and be an example instead of a problem.

“Wrestling-wise, I want to see less...I want everyone to watch the matches before them because there is a repetition thing. Someone will do a tope and the next match will have two topes and the next will have three. Stop trying to out-do what you saw before and find something else to do. Repetition is a pet peeve of mine and I feel you're not watching the product if you go do something and someone else did the same thing. I love the Bucks doing superkicks. Why are there three matches on the card where someone does a superkick before them? If that was me, I would be upset about it.”

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