Matt Cardona Lays Out Chelsea Green With Chair Shot On IMPACT Wrestling

A terrific segment to end the show

Matt Cardona accidentally laid out real-life fiancé Chelsea Green with a wayward chair shot in a terrific angle to close this week's episode of IMPACT Wrestling. 

Cardona, W. Morrissey and Moose were all in the ring to sign the contract for their Triple Threat IMPACT World Championship match at Hard To Kill next month, with Morrissey leaving immediately after signing his name. 

This left World Champion Moose and Cardona, with Moose putting Cardona through the table before trying to attack him with a steel chair. 

At this point Green got involved and tried to stop Moose from further assaulting her husband-to-be. Her distraction allowed Cardona to recover and grab a steel chair himself, only for Moose to duck under the attempted shot, with Cardona striking Green with a nasty hit instead. 

The show went off the air with Cardona trying to find medical assistance for Green while Moose grinned as he left the IMPACT Zone.

The segment can be viewed via IMPACT's Twitter feed here.

Moose will defend his IMPACT World Title against Cardona and Morrissey at IMPACT Hard To Kill on Saturday 8 January 2022.

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