Matt Cardona Reveals Condition For Potential WWE Return

Matt Cardona on a potential WWE return

Amidst reports that WWE are interested in signing his wife Chelsea Green, Matt Cardona has revealed one condition WWE would have to meet if he were to make his own return to the company. 

Speaking about a potential WWE return with SportsKeeda Wrestling, Cardona stated: 

"It's certainly exciting, right? Every week it seems like, or maybe not every week, but it seems like someone's coming back or debuting or re-debuting. It's fresh, it's exciting, it's must-see TV, and I think that's what wrestling should be. And yeah, I said Zack Ryder is dead because until you said never say never, right? But if I were to ever go back, it has to be as Matt Cardona. Zack Ryder, it was what it was; I'm so grateful for that run; it has set me up for this run. Without being Zack Ryder in WWE, I wouldn't be Matt Cardona talking to you right now. It set me up for everything."

Cardona previously spent 15 years in WWE from 2005 until 2020. He has since thrived outside of the company, performing for the likes of the NWA, GCW, and IMPACT Wrestling. 

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