Matt Cardona Unveils New Internet Championship, Theme Song

The former Zack Ryder begins his new chapter...

It may not have been the blistering, deep-cutting tell-all that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's post-non-compete podcast appearance was, but the former Zack Ryder made his own statement regarding entering a new phase of his career.

Matt Cardona released a 30-second video to his social media, soundtracked with his new entrance theme ("When the Lights Go Down" by Downstait, which is already available on Spotify and other streaming services). 

In the video, trinkets and memories of Cardona's past are scattered on the ground, including the old Internet title, a photo of him with Curt Hawkins and Edge, the back brace from his ill-fated feud with Kane, among others.

The video ends with him wearing a leather vest that has the words "ALWAYZ READY" emblazoned on the back. He turns to the camera to reveal his new version of the Internet championship, before cutting to his new logo and then fading to black.

Cardona, like Gallows, Anderson, and scores of others, was released from WWE in mid-April, and his non-compete has just expired.

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Justin Henry

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