Wyatt Swamp Fight Filming Details Emerge (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Former family members collide...

The cinematic "Wyatt Swamp Fight" between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman for Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view has already been filmed, and Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc has exclusive details on what went down during the production.

*The match was filmed roughly two hours away from Orlando, and filming lasted from Thursday night into Friday morning, taking between six and seven hours.

*Multiple takes were done to get various angles for editing purposes.

*Several animals were used for the filming, including an alligator and a snake.

*The match will likely be edited down to between 20 and 30 minutes.

*For the finish, Giri says he was told, "...it's something like Jason from Friday The 13th and a horror movie where someone is taken away or disappears. That person will return to continue this feud."

*Wyatt was heavily involved in the planning of the match, in terms of giving ideas and figuring out how to progress the match step by step.

*Vince McMahon was not involved, and Giri was told, "...the difference will be notable in the final cut from other recent cinematic matches."

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