Former Heath Slater Debuts At Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

The One Man Band has a new address...

A number of released WWE talents had been teased for Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary, and one just showed up on Saturday night.

The former Heath Slater (it's not clear if he's now using real name Heath Miller or simply Heath) jumped the guardrail between matches at the pay-per-view. Wearing a shirt with the words "FREE AGENT" across the front, Heath said he tried to arrive in time to answer The Rascalz open challenge, but wasn't able to.

Heath then said he wanted in on the open spot for the World title four way match, but was interrupted by Rohit Raju, who said he wasn't getting a shot before him. Raju then tried to attack, only for Heath to lay him out with a leaping reversing DDT.

Heath was released from WWE in mid-April, and his non-compete expired at the start of Saturday.

He recently made a one-off return appearance for WWE, where he lost a match to former partner Drew McIntyre. Dolph Ziggler (who brought Heath back in the angle) tried to attack him after the match, but McIntyre ran him off, and the two 3MB members stood tall together.

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