Matt Cardona Wants To Face Mick Foley In WWE Hall Of Famer's Final Deathmatch

Cardona is up for a Deathmatch showdown with Foley.

Matt Cardona believes he should be the person to face Mick Foley in his last-ever deathmatch, should the Hardcore Legend come out of retirement for one. 

Foley recently expressed a desire to have one more deathmatch for his 60th birthday. The WWE Hall of Famer will turn 60 on June 7, 2025. His last singles match was against Ric Flair for TNA in 2010.

While speaking about this hypothetical Deathmatch, Foley namechecked Cardona and Jon Moxley as potential opponents. 

Responding to the news on Instagram, Cardona wrote: "If @realmickfoley is really having one last match…and it's a deathmatch…there is only person who should be his opponent…ME! THE DEATHMATCH KING!".

Foley himself commented "Be careful what you wish for....".

Foley (wrestling as Cactus Jack) won the legendary King of the Deathmatch tournament while competing for the IWA Japan promotion on August 20, 1995. He defeated Terry Funk in the tournament final, which was contested under Barbed Wire Rope, Exploding Barbed Wire Boards and Exploding Ring Time Bomb Deathmatch rules. 

Since leaving WWE in 2020, Cardona has rebranded himself as the 'Indy God'. Part of this rebranding has seen him compete in various Deathmatches for the GCW promotion, often teaming with Steph De Lander as 'Deathmatch Royalty'.

Foley has previously praised Cardona for his post-WWE reinvention on the indies.

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