Matt Hardy: AEW All Out 2020 Bump Was Not The Worst Of My Career

Hardy was knocked out after hitting his head on the concrete floor

Matt Hardy says the nasty bump he took in his Broken Rules Match with Sammy Guevara at AEW All Out 2020 was not the scariest one of his career.

Hardy banged his head on the concrete floor during the match after falling from a scissor lift, knocking him unconscious. After a check from the doctor, he was cleared to continue the bout, before hospital tests revealed he hadn't suffered a concussion or any lasting damage.

The 46-year-old has admitted, while he was lucky not be seriously injured at AEW All Out, it wasn't the worst bump of his career, saying that the scariest came in a match at Extreme Rising with Shane Douglas.

Speaking during a recent question and answer session on Twitch, Hardy said: "In all actuality, I don’t think it was the scariest bump I’ve taken. It was terrible and bad, but the scariest bump I took was at an Extreme Rising show. That was even worse.

"At All Out, I was knocked unconscious, but I feel bad because Tony Khan was like ‘no concussion,’ but what happened was I immediately went to the hospital, I was okay — as shocking as that sounds, I was okay — and I went to the hospital and had every scan and every test done with nothing abnormal and no sign of a concussion or trauma. I was very lucky. I relayed it to Tony and he relayed that to everyone.

"[The bump] wasn’t a Tony Khan idea or anyone’s idea, it ended up being my idea. Things weren’t in the proper position and at the end of the day, that’s my fault and I didn’t check with people. If you didn’t like it, blame it on me, it’s my fault. It’s a mistake I won’t make again. It was a bad thing and I learned as much as I could from it and I move forward.

"Extreme Rising, I was wrestling against Shane Douglas. Extreme Rising was like a remake of ECW in 2012-2013. A lot of the ECW originals were around and he contacted me. At the end of the match, I went to the top to jump onto Shane Douglas. I was starting a program with Luke Hawx and he came off and pushed me. 

"The original idea was I would be pushed off the top turnbuckle and then draped on the barricade, but the barricade was far away. When I got pushed, I lost control, didn’t hit the barricade, crashed, and hit the floor. On that one, I hit my head and was knocked out and convulsing. It was much worse. It felt terrible for days. 

"The All Out fall, I was okay within a couple of days. Both were sh*tty bumps and shouldn’t have happened."

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