Matt Hardy Challenges The Firm To A Match At The Hardy Compound

The Firm Have Been Challenged By Matt Hardy To Come To The Hardy Compound

It has been quite some time since a cinematic fever dream from The Hardy Compound has taken place, but it looks like one is in the offing after the recent April 14 episode of AEW Rampage. 

During a backstage interview with Matt Hardy, the newly returned Jeff Hardy, Isaiah Kassidy, and the FTW Champion Hook, Matt challenged The Firm faction to an eight-man clash at The Hardy Compound, in a match named “The Firm Deletion”. 

For a couple months, Matt Hardy & Isaiah Kassidy have been locked under The Firm’s grasp as unwilling group members, but some snide contractual meddling and trickery has allowed the pair the chance to get out of their contracts with The Firm - if they win this “Firm Deletion” match. The last time AEW took a trip to the Hardy Compound was when Sammy Guevara lost in the “Elite Deletion” way back in 2020. Expect to see the return of “Broken” Matt Hardy and the “Brother Nero” persona from Jeff Hardy too. 

No date has yet been announced for this match.

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Written by Andrew Kelly