The Elite's Brandon Cutler Tweets About CM Punk "Gaslighting" AEW

Brandon Cutler Has Voiced Opinion On CM Punk "Gaslighting" AEW

The seemingly never-ending drama between CM Punk and The Elite has been dominating headlines over the last week amidst rumours and reports that a return to AEW programming for CM Punk is potentially being worked upon. 

Of course, social media has seen swarms of opinions given on the matter, including one from the @Deadspin twitter account which stated that, “CM Punk is gaslighting AEW”, and linking to an article discussing the matter. The piece drew attention from one member of The Elite - Brandon Cutler - whose presence backstage during the Brawl Out situation saw him getting suspended from AEW along with the likes of The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Michael Nakazawa. 

Cutler quote tweeted Deadspin and said, “Someone gets it.” This indicates that not everything is going to plan when it comes to the two sides being open to working together and making peace. Of course, the ball may already be rolling on Punk’s comeback and much like everything in professional wrestling, there is a chance that this is a work, though it does seem unlikely at this stage. 

This tweet from Cutler has since been deleted. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly