Matt Hardy Claims He And Sammy Guevara Were Planned For A Cinematic Match

Could the Spanish God have been massacred?

We've seen Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara resort to blood-shedding violence against each other over the past several weeks on AEW Dynamite, but it seems that earlier plans called for a bit of a different road for the two.

When Matt Hardy bolted for AEW from WWE in March, he immediately stood in opposition to The Inner Circle, and it seemed like a feud with Chris Jericho was imminent. However, in an interview with TV Insider, Hardy revealed that he was supposed to quickly segue into a feud with Guevara, and for their battle to perhaps take place at a certain compound.

“In all actuality, when we first started doing all that, the original plan, I think, was to have the cinematic match with Sammy. I challenged Jericho, but the idea was for it to get pushed off to Sammy,” Hardy revealed. 

“Things went differently when North Carolina and other states went into lockdown. There was this six-week period where AEW literally survived on a day or two of shooting footage, which was pretty amazing. They did an incredible job. Kudos to the crew. We had to change course in many ways. 

From the very beginning, I was going to end up having a feud with Sammy, and Jericho was my bridge to get to that. As far as the Hardy Compound fight with Sammy, that may happen one day. We’ll see.”

As far as cinematic matches go, Hardy and Guevara were on opposite teams in the "Stadium Stampede" match at Double or Nothing, which was won by Hardy and The Elite.

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