Matt Hardy Has His 'Fingers Crossed' That Jeff Comes To AEW

Could we see The Hardys run together in AEW?

AEW’s Matt Hardy is still holding out hope that brother Jeff will join him in AEW one day.

Speaking with Adam Glynn, Big Money Matt expressed how he likes AEW’s handling of legendary wrestling names:

“Yeah, I love AEW. Tony Khan’s great. And I think he’s really on the pulse of pro wrestling in 2021, and he knows how to utilise everyone, top to bottom. They’re [AEW] keeping older guys, or veterans so to say, and utilising them right and also building young talent. And wins and losses matter, and they’re very much taking a sports-centred approach, which even I had to kind of like get used to. But I love what they’re doing.”

Inevitably, talk turned to a Hardy Boys reunion in AEW, Matt simply said “fingers crossed.”

Matt has been open in the past about wanting Jeff by his side one more time, mentioning on a Reddit AMA in June that he wanted one last Hardys vs. Young Bucks feud, following on from their gold laden battles in ROH in 2017.

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