Matt Hardy: "I Created The All Elite Wrestling Style”

Hardy claims OMEGA were doing the AEW style back in th

AEW’s Matt Hardy has seen it all and done it all, being involved in the professional wrestling business for the best part of 30 years.

Before his successes in WWE and beyond, Hardy operated OMEGA with brother Jeff, and wrestlers like Shane Helms and Shannon Moore. Now in an interview with Culture State, Hardy has claimed that the OMEGA style is what we see in AEW now:

“…When we didn't have enough bookings, and we had no contacts, we didn't know anyone and we were just chasing our dream. I said, 'If we can't be booked on more shows, I'll actually do shows.' I got a little taste of the booking aspect as far as booking venues and booking shows and talent. It was a great learning experience. That was the initial reason I started running shows under the OMEGA banner. I'm pretty sure I invented the AEW wrestling style with OMEGA. Matt Hardy is responsible for a lot of things. That was the style we were doing back then and people were like, 'You're doing way too much, you have to slow down and work a hold brother.' We kept the intensity up. Another notch in my belt is I created the All Elite Wrestling style, the style that lives on in 2021.” 

Hardy continued: "I'm fully convinced that AEW and the style is the wave of the future. You can't change my mind. I believe that. I saw this would be the style years ago and now there is a company that has come to fruition and doing this style."

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