Matt Hardy: I Love That AEW Acknowledge The Entire Pro Wrestling Universe

Big Money Matt comments on a key difference between AEW and WWE

On the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star elaborated on a crucial difference between his current promotion and WWE - something he sees as a positive aspect of Tony Khan's operation.

'That’s one thing I love about AEW: they acknowledge the entire professional wrestling universe. With WWE, all that exists to them - or the way they try to write it - is the "WWE Universe" and stuff that happened in WWE, unless they eventually purchase something like they did with WCW. Then it’s allowed to a part of the history.”

Hardy went on to clarify that he understands why WWE are comparatively insular, and isn't necessarily critical of the company for such choices in presentation, but simply that he prefers AEW's way of doing things:

'I get it from Vince’s branding perspective, why he does things that way. It’s no knock on them. It’s just how it is. [...] I love Tony Khan because he is a die-hard wrestling fan at his core, and that’s why he does acknowledge all the wrestling. The wrestling universe is bigger than AEW, he’ll be the first one to acknowledge that. We’ll say that on-air, and I think the fans appreciate it because we're not insulting their intelligence.'

Matt's comments come in the midst of AEW's continued 'forbidden door' policy, a phrase referring to the exchange of talent with other promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, WWE seem to have stepped outside of their usual parameters (at least temporarily) as they plan to include IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Mickie James in the 2022 women's Royal Rumble match.

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