Matt Hardy Reveals Broken Matt Will Be Very Different If The Persona Returns

A more reality-based Broken Matt Hardy

Broken Matt Hardy will be very different if the persona returns in All Elite Wrestling. 

The return of Broken Matt was teased on a recent edition of Being the Elite and many expect the gimmick to be revived by Hardy as part of his programme with Ethan Page when the tenuous alliance inevitably turns sour. 

If Broken Matt does return, though, Hardy has revealed on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast that the character would be more grounded in reality. 

"A few weeks ago on BTE, people saw Broken Matt for a second. The mentality behind that clip was that was in my mind, you see me being buddy, buddy with Ethan Page. I go in the mirror for a second. He had really, like, threatened to fire Isiah. He was really having a terrible attitude towards Isiah and you could tell that it hurt Matt Hardy when he went to the bathroom and he was on his own. So it was a little bit of a look into my mind and my soul, kind of where I'm at," Hardy began.

"You can see that I was very frustrated with having to go along with this, with Ethan Page, that might help you read the story a little bit and where I'm at in actuality. I was almost so frustrated with having to roll with Ethan Page's punches that you could see Broken Matt was starting to appear. Not only am I old and beat up and 31 years deep and broken physically, I was also broken emotionally and mentally. 

"So I think if you see Broken Matt Hardy again, which I think there's a great opportunity you do, it's going to be a very different version. It's going to be much more based in reality and just a guy who's broken physically, mentally, and emotionally, a lot of it because of Ethan Page."

Matt first introduced his Broken character back in 2016 when he was a part of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, with the gimmick becoming the talk of the pro wrestling world. Hardy was then Woken in WWE before becoming Broken again when he debuted in All Elite Wrestling in 2020. The character was quickly shelved, though, as Hardy felt it did not work without fans in attendance. 

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