Matt Hardy Reveals Frustrations With The Hardy Boyz Run In AEW

The Hardy Boyz are no longer in AEW, and Matt has opened up about frustrations

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy both returned to TNA in recent months after their respective AEW deals came to an end. Matt has been quite open about his thoughts and feelings on AEW even when he was under contract, and has revealed when speaking on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast that he had many frustrations with The Hardy Boys’ run in the company. 

“I feel like one of the issues in AEW — and I said this before on Busted Open earlier today. Like, when we first came in and first getting used we were in a good spot, it was very cool what we were doing. I liked what Tony [Khan] was doing with us, and we were on the path to win the titles. And then Jeff got in trouble; Jeff messed up. And that was all on Jeff, that was not on Tony, that was not on AEW, that was on Jeff. And it just is what it is. So I did my thing, Jeff went and got himself right. 

“Whenever he came back, you know, I figured, ‘Oh, it will probably take a couple of months, two to three months to prove himself.’ Because I knew where Jeff was here in his head, I knew what kind of positive headspace he was in and how good of a place he was in. I said ‘It’ll probably take two or three months to like earn the trust back of these people, and then maybe we’ll be off and running.’ But just — after Jeff came back, we didn’t win any tag team matches for a year. It’s crazy. We’re the Hardys; we didn’t win a tag team match on TV in a year. And I mean, I brought this point up like, ‘What are we doing? Like we need — just to give us a win. We don’t need to be the champions, we don’t need to be undefeated. But just like, we need a win at some point.’ And it was just very frustrating.”

He went on to discuss wanting to have some sort of storyline or character development to dig his teeth into, talking about an idea of turning heel and playing into the ego side of being one of the biggest tag teams of all time, though nothing came to fruition. He concluded by saying that it's problematic when you cannot figure out something to do with a team like The Hardys. On the same podcast, Matt said that AEW cares more about having five star matches than impactful segments. 

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