One Of The Undertaker's Biggest Regrets Was The Snakeskin Pants

The Undertaker HATED his snakeskin ring gear

Survivor Series 2000 saw The Undertaker take on Kurt Angle in a match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, but instead of fans looking back upon a great bout between two Hall Of Famers, the night is remembered for one main reason - The Undertaker’s snakeskin pants. 

When speaking in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Undertaker settled rumours on who owned the ugly iconic pants, and his regrets on wearing them. 

“There was a pair of snakeskin pants I wore at a match with Kurt Angle that I really regret. It’s one of my biggest regrets. They were horrible. So the rumour for a long, long time was that I forgot my tights, or I forgot my pants and I had to borrow those from The Godfather. They were mine. Terry Anderson bless her heart, she did all my gear pretty much my whole career. I told her what I wanted to do. Throughout my extended career, my gear was very, I mean, it was minimalistic, there was not a lot of thrill to my character. When I told her I wanted a pair of python pants. She went no you don’t. I went yes I do. I just thought it would be cool looking. They were snakeskin pants. I’m a biker, it didn’t translate well. I really regret those pants those are awful, man. I see them every once in a while. They’ll pop up on a feed or something."

Undertaker revealed that he had long burned the snakeskin pants, and said that he cannot watch the match with Angle because of his attire, despite the match being a very good one. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly