Gabe Kidd Reveals Why He Re-Signed With NJPW

Gabe Kidd re-signed with NJPW earlier this year

It was reported earlier this year that Gabe Kidd re-signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and shortly after the deal was agreed, Kidd found himself with gold around his waist when he defeated Eddie Kingston to become the brand new NJPW Strong Openweight Champion. 

Kidd recently spoke to WRESTHINGS, revealing the reasons behind his choice to remain with the company, with some of those being due to beating up Japanese nerds, dancing with sexy Asian women, and his future goals. 

"I chose to stay because the idea of going to America and beating up them fools is very fun, but just the feeling of beating go some Japanese nerd and then going to a convenience store, copping a Strong Zero for one pound, downing it, getting very drunk, dancing with some very sexy Asian women, going to bed at five a.m., waking up at nine to go to the gym, it’s just a very good lifestyle for me. I’m enjoying it too much, honestly. I just enjoy it too much. The Asian women is a big part of it as well. I’ll say that. I don’t know. I mean, NXT is going crazy right now, but it’s a good lifestyle for me, and they’re paying me very handsomely, as they fucking should. So right now, it’s good for me. Things can change, and money talks, so whoever wants to talk to me, talk to me when the time’s right. But I feel right now, it’s best for me to be in Japan and help bring this company back up. Because the thing is, I want to hate Japan. I want to have that feeling that I never want to go back. I want to have that feeling that I don’t want to be there. But because I’ve put so much of my life into it, because I literally nearly sacrificed my whole life for it, there’s something in me, there’s something that just holds me back from dipping out.”

Kidd also noted that he wants to become the world champion in NJPW before he leaves, and that he feels as though he “can’t” leave until he does. He also recently called out big names such as The Rock, and challenged Randy Orton to a match at Wrestle Kingdom. 

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