Matt Hardy Says How He Will Adapt Broken Matt In AEW

Could All Delete Wrestling be on the cards?

Matt Hardy’s transformation into the bizarre Broken Matt in IMPACT Wrestling caused a career renaissance for the former V1. As bizarre as it was popular, the gimmick soon found its way to WWE in a watered down form, before appearing in AEW, also in a far weaker state.

Although many have pointed out that Broken Matt in the empty arena era was simply never going to work, it seems as though Hardy himself hasn’t given up on the character.

“I definitely think now that we have this Twitch capability you’ll be seeing some Broken Matt appearances here,” Hardy said on his MATTHARDYBRAND Twitch stream, “But now for the time being in AEW, it’s definitely Big Money Matt. I think the whole pandemic scenario threw a huge monkey wrench in the plans. Especially not having fans live in the building and in the venue and just doing empty arena shows and literally just having nothing to gage on what you’re doing. I feel terrible for Orange Cassidy, if we had been having fans when he was going through that run with Chris Jericho, he would’ve been so over at that time. I dig his gimmick and obviously you guys know me, I did Broken Matt Hardy so I like that out of the box thinking.

“As far as Broken Matt goes, I definitely think when crowds are back and the moment arises and the time is right, I think Broken Matt could be 100% back. If he comes back to AEW, one of the lessons I feel like I’ve learned from the past when I first started as Broken Matt, I wanted to come in and be a little bit more vicious. The very first thing I did whenever I did the deal with Jericho and we did a teleportation thing, it was Chris’ idea and he was really giving and trying to make this character over the top and special. We did it and I know it was met with a lot of criticism from both sides. Long story short, I would definitely go without being the magical character or the supernatural route. I would make Broken Matt almost go back to his roots as just vicious, crazy, primal, animalistic and I think that type of Broken Matt would work in front of fans, in front of an AEW crowd.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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